Why Did Chicago Law Get Cancelled

The One Chicago universe is made up of several procedural series set in America`s Windy City, but one of them is not memorable for fans of the universe. This world relies primarily on “Chicago P.D.,” “Chicago Med,” and “Chicago Fire” for its world-building — the series has crossed four times so far — but there was also once a legal branch of the universe. “Chicago Justice” premiered in 2017, according to IMDb, but only lasted one season before being cancelled. If you`re a fan of the Chicago franchise on NBC, you probably wouldn`t be able to sleep at night. NBC had taken its time deciding the fate of two first-year series: Chicago Justice and Trial & Error. The network ultimately determined the future of both shows, and the news isn`t good for fans of the Dick Wolf drama. Chicago Justice was retired after one season. I really enjoyed this show and I`m very sad that he won`t come back. Everyone who played it was great. I just don`t understand why it was cancelled. To the cast and fans of @NBCChicagoFire @NBCChicagoPD @NBCChicagoMed & @chicagojustice I am eternally grateful for the journey we shared with 2gather! What will happen to Antonio Dawson aka Jon Seda if they annul Chicago Justice? How will this affect the Chicago Fire series starring Gabriela Dawson, since she is his sister? Will he be on Chicago P.D. will he return? It would be a big loss for fans of the Chicago series to lose Jon Seda completely, so if Chicago Justice is really canceled, they really need to put him back on P.D. Otherwise, he will be missed a lot in the series, they have done a lot of work with his past and would be a complete waste to eliminate.

Read More » Is there justice in the Windy City? Has Chicago Justice been canceled or renewed for a second season on NBC? The TV vulture is on the lookout for the latest cancellation and renewal news, so this page is the perfect place to follow the state of the second season of Chicago Justice. Add or subscribe to the latest updates. Remember, the TV vulture watches your shows. Are you? Although it was first introduced with positive reviews, Chicago Justice`s numbers dropped a lot. However, the franchise has been very successful and upcoming crossovers will give the latest program a lot of promotion in the universe, so an expansion is always more likely than a cancellation. Subscribe to stay informed of any Chicago Justice cancellation or renewal news. Update 23.05.: Chicago Justice is cancelled. There will be no second season. Details here. I think they should never have repealed Justice. There are many people outside the 18-49 age group who are not satisfied with all reality shows. Justice was a great drama and the actors were top-notch.

Please reconsider and bring it back. I love all the shows in Chicago. I would really like the spectacle of justice to return. Please bring it back. I like the way it shows the parts we don`t see. I just checked when Chicago Jucstice starts again. I was stunned when I learned that it had been cancelled. I love all the shows in Chicago. If you look at the numbers, plus the fact that there are 3 other shows in the series that are directly related to the series, not vaguely, but directly, and the fact that it generated over 6 million viewers per episode is crazy that they cancelled it and kept two other shows that failed even worse than us and with 6.5 million viewers an episode. which is pretty good for a fourth part of the Chicago universe. The fact that NBC didn`t have the foresight to think about the future and think about the other three shows that I have confusing ratings and tons. Read more » Devastated it was cancelled.

What will happen to Antonio, will he return to the DPC? I hope so. If NBC had canceled a few more shows, there might have been a hole that Justice could have slipped into, but as we mentioned above, there were other business opportunities that led them to prioritize those shows over Chicago Justice. Why was Chicago Justice cancelled? What led it to become the first One Chicago series and the fourth Dick Wolf series to be cancelled after just one season? At first glance, it`s strange that the show has never seen a second season. According to the outlet, “Chicago Justice,” just like its compatriots, has seen clear fan interest and solid ratings. Tim holds a bachelor`s degree in communications from Saginaw Valley State University and a master`s degree in human resources from Central Michigan University. His previous work has been published on Yahoo! and Examiner. It also contributes to other TV/celebrity websites. He has had a passion for television since a young age and some of his current favorite series are: Friends, The Office, How I Met Your Mother, Saved by the Bell, Happy Endings, Friday Night Lights, Bones, The Mindy Project, Chicago Fire, This Is Us, Superstore and The Good Wife. While he later clarified, “But it wasn`t because the show wasn`t good, it was really because of a lot of other factors,” it was probably a cold consolation for fans who wanted the show to continue. There was also the question of what other factors went into the series that were on the cutting block in the first place. Earlier, after “Chicago Justice” was cancelled in 2017, NBC President Robert Greenblatt spoke to Deadline about the final decision.

Although the series was successful, it apparently had too many similarities to another fan-favorite franchise, Law and Order. Now, fans of “Chicago Med” are commenting on a Dr. Ethan Choi scene, which they say has definitely “crossed the line.” The battle I have with Chicago Justice against the other Chicago shows is that they haven`t spent enough time creating their character stories. I didn`t connect with the artists because I didn`t see how their private lives were intertwined. I think that`s why the show is so successful, it`s work-life balance. I don`t see that yet in Chicago Justice. I`m always waiting for more information about the characters.