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I received several emails from this group and eventually opened one. I told the person, Harry Wigner, that he was a scam business and that I had no money. Now, I`m sorry to open this email. I don`t want them to follow or penetrate my other emails. I received another cash advance threat that I had 48 hours. Comply, otherwise they would contact the local sheriff`s office and have me arrested. His name is Mike Steed. He only gave me a lot of money that was due. I had a file number. And at the end, send it to a lady in gmail.Com. I`m terrified because this is the 15th time I`ve received this message and each time it`s a different rights group. Please help me because I`m disabled and I can`t stand this c**p anymore! At Ace Law Group, our team will take care of your legal concerns regarding bodily injury so you can focus on healing and caring for your loved ones. Our lawyers have represented thousands of Las Vegas residents.

Aggressive litigators, our lawyers have recovered millions of dollars for victims and their loved ones. If this matter is not resolved within the above timeframe, I reserve the right to take legal action to recover the claim without further notice, and this letter may be submitted to the court as proof of your non-payment. Legal action may require you to pay legal fees and interest, and may affect your credit history. I just got one too. What they don`t know is that I`ve been working in legal, debt collection and remedies for over 25 years, to be exact. Come back to us as soon as possible to stop any legal action against your name and security number. So give me the clear answer: what is your intention in relation to your legal case? We hereby inform you that you will be prosecuted at the courthouse in a few days. Fraud Verification N#3. ANY letter from a reputable or non-reputable lawyer would actually use legalese and not the weak and undertrained excuse for the English language they try in the letters. I received this email, I never heard of the company, I never took out a loan.

I know it`s a scam because I was working for a debt collection lawyer as a paralegal and that`s certainly not how it goes. Your file number: 56845689 and FILE NUMBER: LW4 – 566673, Advance Cash Net Usa Services Company to inform you that we were no longer able to receive your file. Therefore, Cash Advance`s accounting department has decided to mark this case as a blanket rejection and file a lawsuit against you. We regret that if we do not receive your response within the next 24 hours, we will have no choice but to take action in your local district court to recover the amount owing, as well as court costs and attorneys` fees of approximately $3565.79. We will give you the last chance to settle this account, otherwise we will have to refer this case to the legal department. Once the case is uploaded to the court, late payment fees, documentation fees, penalty fees, judges` fees and attorneys` fees, as well as court costs, which can be up to $3589, are added.27 If you are trying to recover from injuries caused by someone else`s careless act, many physical problems, emotional and mental can compete for your attention. Adding these tasks to family and work commitments can overwhelm most people. If you try to take legal action on your own, these obligations may be too onerous. We hereby inform you that you will be prosecuted at the courthouse in a few days. So, before something goes wrong, we would like to let you know about it. It seems obvious that you have chosen to ignore all our efforts to contact you in order to resolve your debts with your Payday Services.

At that point, you had clearly expressed your intentions and you left us no choice but to protect our interests in this matter. Otherwise, we will forward your file to the legal department to upload the case against you, and you will receive the summons to appear at your door within 2 business days. Please retain a lawyer. Our main task was to inform you about the case before sending you a legal document by mail, because once this case is registered, we can no longer help you out of court. Our client is the least interested in getting the money right now, as they just want to move on and take legal action, but we wanted to contact you and give you the last chance to resolve this matter amicably. Today is the last day to resolve this case outside of court, you need to deposit $100.00 today to put this case on hold, otherwise you will only be responsible for the legal consequences. ACE, a comprehensive courier, lawyer and document recognition service, has been serving the legal community for over 30 years and has earned a solid reputation as a trusted service provider. ACE is recognized for its knowledgeable and professional staff and experience in managing difficult and urgent tasks. ACE customers appreciate our attention to detail, our fast and reliable messengers and our frequent status updates. When your health and income are at risk, you need an ally to help you protect what`s important.

With over 40 years of combined legal experience, our lawyers at Ace Law Group have the skills you need to obtain maximum compensation for your personal injury or employment claim. NOTE: The statutory fee Section 19(A), Clause 21(US) is against you and if you ignore this case, our legal department will take immediate action against you. Once your file has been submitted by our ACE legal department, your account is considered a void payment because you have not responded to us for a long time. Once you have taken action against your name and social security number, your file will be forwarded to the courthouse. The legal charges are sections 9 and 19 against your name and social media. We hope you will practice with this offer. Otherwise, we cannot help you. You can avoid this by taking care of him now. Come back if you want to get rid of these legal consequences and make the settlement amount, otherwise the case will be uploaded against you next week. And we apologize that this notification is also being sent to your current employer.

The opportunity to care for this volunteer is quickly coming to an end. We would hate it if you lost the ability to resolve this issue before moving on to the next step, which is a lawsuit against you, but to do that, you need to take immediate action. We hereby inform you that you will be prosecuted at the courthouse in a few days. Your SSN will be blocked by the U.S. government, so before something goes wrong, we want to let you know about it. This is your last and last chance to settle this matter. If you don`t take it seriously, we will certainly take tough action against your name and social media and you will be the only person responsible for the legal consequences. We will be obliged to take legal action against you, and once it is dealt with, the creditor has every right to inform your employer and your references of this matter and the lawsuit will be the next step, which amounts to $8679.68 and will be billed to you in full and it would be without your legal fees.