Morning routine starts with Puja in Nepal. Early morning at 6 a.m., you can be part of morning Puja (Worshipping God and Goddess). You have two choices to take part in it:

You can do Puja yourself:

  • For that you need to take a shower compulsorily
  • You can enter Mandir premises (Temple) on barefoot only (No shoes/sandal allowed)
  • You should wear fresh cloths. We can give Kurta to you if they prefer for the puja – however you need to give information one day earlier to us

You can watch Puja from the balcony itself:

  • No specific rules

Meal Time:

  • i.Breakfast: 7 am to 9 am
  • ii.Lunch: 12 pm to 1 pm
  • iii.Dinner: 6 pm to 7 pm

Nivas, The Boutique Home believes in “Athiti Deva Bhawa” that means regards guests as god so we will be welcome you in a traditional style by putting Tika on their forehead and with Aarati. Not only that, during international departure, we will do your farewell by offering Tika and feeding “Dahi” – Curd to wish they have safe travel


We have a specific daily food menu, however you have the choice to eat fruits or drink tea/coffee at any time of the day


You can do a campfire after 8 p.m.


In Nepal, we have a tradition to eat together and be home on time. So, you must return Nivas, The Boutique Home before 10 p.m. as you won’t be permitted to enter the home without prior information to us


In Nepal, some ethnic groups like Brahims do not eat Beef and buff meat. Following the same tradition, here you are not permitted to eat or to bring that meat.


Considering the environment, you are not allowed to smoke inside the room and should use “Smoking Zone” to smoke.

Nivas, The Boutique Home has set these rules to make our guests feel they are living in the typical Nepali house and give them experience about rules followed inside homes of Nepal 50 years ago. These rules are meant to give guests an experience of Nepali culture and not meant to obstruct their free travel. Thank you to all our guests for the kind coöperation.

“Atithi Dev Bhawa”