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When in Nepal, live like a Nepali

Nivas is located 6.2 KM from the Tribhuvan International Airport, away from hustle and bustle of the city, peaceful and among the local residence. Nivas offers you traditional Nepali home experience.Based on typical Nepali Village theme, the architecture, ambience and food will reflect the culture, ritual and traditions that Nepalese have been following for ages.We want you to be part of this new experience and enjoy your stay as a family member. In Nivas, we have set of Rules to maintain the harmony of a homely environment.

“Be a part of this new experience”
“Stay at Nivas, Feel at home”

Founder’s Message

I was born in the beautiful village of Dhading on July 11 in the respectful family in a village. I have spent the past seven years contributing to travel industry and promotion of Nepal. I have been contributing to the tourism industry since a decade.

With the thought, Nepali culture is well-garnered by those who make a visit to Nepal, the idea of Nivas Boutique Home generated. The warmth of the people, the food and the architect that reflects our deeply-rooted culture, is something that definitely takes a spot in the visitor’s hearts. And we’ve always wanted our visitors to feel more at a Nepali home because home is, where the heart is.

Which is why we’ve brought you just that. We present you Nivas Boutique Home, where you get to experience what Nepali home looks and feels like. Located only 6.2 km away from the Tribhuvan International Airport, Nivas Boutique Home brings you a staying experience, like you are a family member. Which is what we want you to experience.

The architecture of our boutique home reflects our historical roots. The windows bring back old memories, and Nepalese call it “Tiki Jhyaa”. You will also find small traditional decorative pieces. The ambiance and the food we offer sheds light to what a traditional Nepali home is made up of.

We welcome our guests in our traditional way, by putting Tika on their foreheads and garland around their neck. Because Nepal is driven by the sentiment of “Atithi Dewa Bhava” which translates to “Guest is God”, we welcome our guests the way we worship our Gods. Because worship and pooja for us is a way to express our gratitude and respect to the Gods who look after us from up above, it is a cultivated value/practice (which sounds better?) onto our guests as well. There is also the sentiment of faith in Nepalese that reflects while we perform Pooja and side by side recite mantras through the Pooja.

Then the day is started by doing Pooja early in the morning. It is done early in the morning because it is considered a meaningful beginning to your day, and it is believed to attract positive vibes for the day. And the day is ended with Pooja as well, this time with the belief that this day of purpose has ended with intentional gratitude. Because this is such a big part of our day-to-day life, we want you to experience the same here at Nivas too.


- Sudarshan Nepal


Hotel Facilities

Free Wifi

Reception Service

Currency Exchange



Welcome / Farewell Drinks

Open Library

Telephone operator Service

Conference Hall

Wake-up call

Hot Water Supply


House Rules

There will be a morning puja(Worshipping God and Goddess) at 6 a.m, and guests have two choices to participate in it. They can either watch the Puja from the balcony itself or they can do the Puja themselves. If the guests prefer to perform Puja themselves, they will have to compulsorily take a shower, wear fresh clothes or Kurtha if they want(1-day prior notice is required), and they should be barefoot inside Mandir premises.
Nivas, The Boutique Home believes in “Athiti Deva Bhawa” that means regards guests as god so guests will be welcomed in a traditional style by putting Tika on their forehead and with Aarati. Not only that, during international departure, guests will be departed offering Tika and feeding “Dahi” – Curd to wish they have safe travel
Daily food menu will be followed by us, however guests have choice to eat fruits or drink tea/coffee at any time of the day…
Guests must return Nivas, The Boutique Home before 10 p.m. as guests won’t be permitted to enter the home without prior information to us…
Meal Time: i.Breakfast: 7am to 9am ii.Lunch: 12pm to 1 pm iii.Dinner: 6pm to 7pm
Guests can do campfire after 8 p.m.
Beef and buff meat is not allowed inside the home